Protect Yourself from stalker

Many Stalking victims fear that they are unable to protect themselves or know how to stop their stalker. Even though stalking is a criminal offense in many states across America, there are legal guidelines that must be met for law enforcement to proceed with an arrest warrant and to prosecute a stalker. A victim who is unable to provide evidence that they are a victim of a stalker may be unable to obtain the help of law enforcement. What evidence does it take you may ask? Here are some examples:

  • An actual physical and possibly harmful event took place.
  • Heinous emails that contain criminal threats.
  • Threatening text messages containing criminal threats.
  • Voicemails threating to kill rape or mutilate you, a victim.

That list qualifies as actual criminal conduct and criminal threats which are prosecutable. If a person alleges that their neighbors are stalking them, or someone is listening in on their cell or landline calls and that their computer was hacked, but are unable to prove those assertions, law enforcement will not investigate their allegations due to the alleged victim’s failure to provide any evidence. More often than not, people who claim those things are happening but have no proof usually require medical assistance rather than law enforcement.


One out of every 12 women will end up a victim of stalking in their lifetime.

Protect Yourself from stalkers

Stalking victims with actual evidence should be extremely proactive and contact law enforcement immediately. Law enforcement will be dynamic to a degree but they cannot offer you twenty-four protection, nor can they keep your stalker under surveillance for twenty-four hours.  A private investigator that specializes in stalker investigations services is someone that can provide you with twenty-four-hour surveillance and protection. You would be wise to contact a private detective if their fee is affordable for you. To act nonchalant about being stalked and not taking it seriously is seriously wrong and very dangerous. Anyone who is stalked and thinks their stalker is not capable of harming them or worse yet, that their stalker is “harmless” is making a fatal mistake. Numerous studies have shown that stalking is associated with various forms of violence such as rape, abduction, and murder. If in fact you are being stalked and you are in a position to identify your stalker that goes a long way in offering protection for you. Many stalking victims have reported that their stalking lasted two or more years and some victims were forced to take a leave of absence from their job because their stalker knew where they worked.


Stalking has no gender barriers, and the majority of stalkers are former significant others. Strangers stalk very few victims, but it does happen for reasons unknown to the victim unless the stalker identifies their obsession to the victim. Celebrities are often the obsession of a deranged individual who goes forth stalking their passion.


Has Your Stalker Done Any of This to You

  • Follow you constantly
  • Contacted you either by phone, text’s or emails
  • Came to your place of employment
  • Came to your home and asked to go inside
  • Stole your personal property
  • Spread rumors about you to friends and family
  • Sent you unwanted gifts
  • Posted photos of you online
  • Threaten to harm or kill anyone you care about
  • Physically or sexually assaulted you

What you can do to protect yourself from stalker

Obtaining evidence is your primary objective. If your stalker is following you go into selfie mode on your cell phone and film what is happening behind you. Ask a friend or even a stranger who works in a store to help you to take video of the person following you on their cell phone and then go back to that person later and have them send you their video clip. Have a tape recorder next to your landline phone or record the caller on your cell phone. Save all texts and emails.

Take down the license plate number of the person following you but be sure it is the same car, same plate number, and the same person. Guaranteed it will not be several automobiles or a gang of people because there is no such thing as gang stalking. Real stalkers work alone. Rule number one; never reply to a threatening or irritating message because once you do that, you encourage the stalker to accelerate their vicious activity.

Private Investigators & Bodyguards

If you feel scared, threatened or vulnerable about your safety, hiring the right, experienced private detective and personal bodyguard will offer you the protection you need as they will know how to neutralize and contain your stalker

 Where You Can Obtain Help

Do not doubt yourself or think it might be your imagination that someone is stalking you. With evidence in hand do not try to minimize your stalker’s behavior. Whenever you feel unsafe, you should immediately seek help from your local police department. At the community level, many organizations provide support groups or domestic violence shelters that can offer services like a safe place to stay, counseling, court accompaniment and advocacy. These are part of the police department or prosecutor’s office and can provide many of the above services should the victim bring charges against the stalker.