Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network has been at the helm of his company for twenty-six years providing private investigation services. It seems incomprehensible at times when his firm receives requests from both men and women asking if we can locate and identify someone they met online. They are referring to people they met on online dating sites and they truly believe they are in love with that person even though they never met that individual in person. As it turns out. one of our female  clients was conned into sending her alleged lover a large amount of money and afterward he simply disappeared. It is astonishing to hear the same story over and over again and it breaks our hearts to learn how so many naïve men and women lose so much of their hard earned money not to mention heir self esteem because of being conned and losing all hope to ever fall in love again. The schemers are males and females behind these cons and they are very good at pushing just the right buttons when corresponding with their victims. They way it works as an example; The con-artists enroll in Match Maker type website. They post photographs of very handsome and attractive men and woman they found online and they register themselves with false identities and those photos. They then begin trolling those websites to bait their victims. Upon finding one, they reach out to them saying their profiles match very close because they have the same interest and some of the same favorite  books and movies and etc.  They establish a dialogue of which reveals that they live outside of the USA allegedly stuck in a country they cannot leave from until they pay a large amount of income tax to the foreign government of that country. They don’t ask their new online friend or lover for money immediately because they want to establish a bond that appears to be undeniably true love because true love never says no.

An Example of a Personal Investigation Services Case

Here’s an example of one such personal investigation services case we worked on. After sending two bank wires to someone she thought was truly in love with her that amounted to $25,000 she never heard from him again. There was a second con working her simultaneously and that person was a female who said she was the young man’s mother and she stated that she lived in the USA. The alleged mother not only corresponded with her via email she also called her via phone. The alleged mother filled in during the time gaps when her alleged son was busy working on other victims. Dearest mom played a roll of being kind and assuring until the $25,000 was wired made it their bank. A few weeks later both the alleged lover and his mother were back online trying to run a new con on our client who was then under our tutelage. The result of the investigation led us to an address in Alabama that looked like a shack. The second address turned up an operation in Nigeria where there was a boiler room type operation working with dozens of people on keyboards and scripts posted on the walls for them to quote from. The end result, was our client retained us to go to Alabama and work with the local police there who eventually arrested the phony mother who was no stranger to the police. During our investigation we presented our client with hard evidence that man’s photo who victimize her  was posted on several dating sites all over the Internet and we found several other victims of this same person. The good news is our client did meet someone local and married him to our delight. May she live a joyful life. Our advise, never ever commit to sending money to someone you have never met in person and if something said to you doesn’t add up, take a pass.