Whether you suspect your spouse is cheating or one of your employees is faking an injury for worker’s comp, your best route is to hire a private investigator. If you’re in Los Angeles, the options for private investigators are myriad. How do you know you’re hiring a good one?

Los Angeles private investigators are no longer the noir detectives you’ve seen on TV. They’re everyday people who are experts at finding you the information you need. In a city as busy as L.A., you can find some truly seasoned P.I.s who know every trick in the book.

But how do you find a good one?

Sorting Through Los Angeles’ Private Investigators

Before anything else, make sure they have a valid private investigator’s license as issued by the state of California. If they hedge and hem and refuse to provide their license number, run. You can verify that they are indeed a licensed L.A. private investigator here.

Know that in California, all private investigators must be above the age of 21 and have a high school diploma. If you meet with an investigator and feel unsure about their qualifications, don’t be afraid to check with their references or hiring agency.

Find A Specialist

Though the search for information is largely the same, many private investigators specialize in a certain field. Some specialize in cheating spouses, others handle general surveillance or worker’s comp.

Though many P.I.s are capable of performing multiple types of investigations, you may want to pay for an expert. Private investigators have access to multiple private databases and registries but may not know how to use that information in the way you need.

If you’re having trouble finding a P.I. for hire, contact a private investigator database. You’ll be put in contact with many local professionals.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Once you do hire a private investigator, they’ll start by asking you a lot of questions. This may feel invasive at first but it’s a critical part of the process.

Private investigators do more than just plugging names into databases and filming illicit affairs. Los Angeles P.I.s have to know a person’s habits in order to effectively survey them. The human aspect is very important, and you can make it much easier on the P.I. by offering up all the information you know about a person.

Don’t be afraid to give the P.I. a lot of detail about the person. If you know that the employee you suspect of faking an injury goes to a certain gym, tell the P.I. that it may be worth checking out. Offer up all you know.

This also applies to asking questions. If you want an update on the investigation, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Building a working relationship with your L.A. P.I. is essential.

They’re Spies, But Less Cool

If you’re at a point where you must hire a private investigator, it may feel like your life is in turmoil. But hiring a Los Angeles private investigator will bring you a sense of calm and safety, and can ease your fears of the unknown. Make a call and bring yourself some peace of mind.