Infidelity – Cheater Surveillance – Using Cell Phones to Reveal Cheaters

Did you know that it is now possible to track the exact location of your spouse or significant other anywhere in the world via your cell phone? An infidelity private investigator can help!

The Story

We recently were assigned to assist a private investigator who flew in to Los Angeles from Mexico City to conduct an infidelity surveillance on the wife of his very wealthy entrepreneurial client in Mexico City. The wife and her husband had an argument and she decided to fly to the US to get away from her husband. No matter where his wife was in Los Angeles the private investigator was able to track her movements and her exact location on his cell phone. There are times while conducting a moving surveillance a subject is lost due to severe traffic conditions. But the Mexican investigator was not at all concerned if he lost her in traffic. He simply clicked on his cell phone to acquire the wife’s exact location. To visualize this software, it’s very much like an address appears on Google Maps. This software cannot be loaded remotely as the user must have the cell phone they want programed in hand.  As it turned out the wife was simply meeting with old friends and she was being very loyal to her husband.


We have been conducting infidelity surveillance for over 22 years with great success because we have the finest surveillance investigators in Los Angeles, New York and around the world. View some of the most common signs of a cheater  that we have experienced over the years.