Having a partner cheat on you is one of the worst things that can happen in a long-term relationship. The feelings of betrayal, sadness, and anger caused by infidelity can become overwhelming. However, ending a marriage is an enormous step many people are hesitant to take without evidence.

While you can check your spouse’s phone discreetly, experienced cheating spouses know how to delete messages without a trace. Hiring a top infidelity private investigator ensures you have all the evidence you need to make the right decision going forward.

Types of Infidelity

While many people think of sneaking around in hotel rooms with someone other than your spouse/significant other as the only type of cheating, there are other ways to alter the trust in your relationship.

Many people consider emotional affairs worse than physical ones. While physical affairs can put your health at risk, emotional affairs can cause a rift in the core of your relationship. Emotional affairs often happen at work or at hobbies, when one partner starts to confide about their marital problems or personal issues with an attractive coworker.

Sexting, paying for Only Fans accounts, and other virtual forms of cheating can also wreak havoc on a relationship.

Spotting Infidelity

Sometimes people second-guess themselves when they believe their spouse is cheating. Cheating spouses routinely lie and gaslight to protect themselves from discovery. If your spouse exhibits any of these signs, they may be cheating:

  • Working unusually late or strange hours
  • Hiding their Cell Phone- Changing their password
  • Less intimacy
  • They’re generally less interested in you
  • They compare your looks to someone else

While you can confront your spouse directly, they may lie or refuse to entertain the question. If you feel unsafe confronting them, or don’t believe their answers, you may want to contact a highly regarded Infidelity Private Investigator.

Coping With Infidelity

Should you learn that your spouse is cheating, you might want to seek psychological help to ease your way into coping with it. Even if you wish to terminate the relationship immediately, you may suffer from feelings of inadequacy, betrayal, and anger. Going through a divorce or separation is an enormous stressor. Whether you choose to stay with your spouse or leave, it’s best to schedule several sessions with a therapist who specializes in victims of cheating spouses.

A therapist can help you find a way forward, encourage you to create boundaries and learn how to stick to them, and work with you to define what cheating means in your relationship. For some people, texting sexy photos to strangers counts as cheating, while others only care about the physical act. Knowing your boundaries can help you whether you stay in this relationship or when you begin a new one.

How Infidelity Private Investigations Work

Find the Right Infidelity Private Investigator

Finding the right Private Investigator who specializes in Infidelity investigation begins with a phone call, filling in an online form, or calling the investigator. You will need to provide as much information about why you suspect your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful along with providing as much information as possible about your spouse/significant other.

This might include their schedule, regular haunts like a gym, bar, or restaurant, and detailed information about their car. Recent photos of your spouse or significant other is very important to provide to the infidelity investigator should you decide to proceed with the investigation.

Once you confirm that you wish to proceed with the investigation a truly experienced Infidelity Private Investigator will compile the information you provided and will then assign the investigation to one of their top surveillance investigators who will drive a discreet vehicle and will use state-of-the-art video equipment.

All videos taken have a time and date stamp, which helps you confirm whether your spouse lied to you about where they were at a particular time. Upon the conclusion of your requested infidelity investigation, you will receive a detailed report with all of your investigator’s observations, along with a copy of the video taken.

If your spouse is committing adultery, you can also request a background report on their affair partner.

Trust Your Intuition

If you think your partner is cheating, trust your instincts. A cheating partner can jeopardize your health and make it difficult to trust again. Having evidence that proves your gut feeling can help you move forward with divorce and find someone new.