Private Investigator for Infidelity Assignments

Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network has been conducting infidelity investigations as a Beverly Hills, CA private investigator for over 23 years. In infidelity assignments, our clients are either spouses or significant others who have been involved in fairly long-term relationships.  What usually promulgates an infidelity investigation is one of the parties in the relationship experience an intuitive feeling that something has changed within their relationship and that odd behavior has interrupted what used to be the norm. As a couple they once enjoyed everything together then, all of a sudden one tells the other they have to work late far too many times or they have to leave town on business with no prior discussion.

The Signs of a Cheating Spouse

As a private investigator, we are most often told by a client that their sexual interaction with their spouse or significant other has diminished or stopped altogether. Cheating can be discovered in many ways, among the most foolish is the unfamiliar perfume found on clothing or lipstick on a shirt collar. Among the most egregious mistakes are leaving text messages and emails from a lover on your phone or laptop where they declare how much in love they are your other half.  There are hardly any words that can describe the pain, disappointment, betrayal and anguish one feels when they have learned that the trust they had in their significant other is in jeopardy or has been lost completely. Losing trust in one another is a very traumatic experience and a horrible lonely feeling. When it becomes apparent that evidence of an affair is required we enter the picture as private investigators.

So many people over the past 23 years seem to smirk when they learn what we do for a living. Seems Private Investigators are most often associated with following cheating husbands and wives and people think that is so cool to be out there catching a cheater. Here’s a reality check, its not cool at all and it is at times heartbreaking to see someone’s world fall apart and especially when there are children involved in the relationship. Divorce is very destructive to a family with children but to stay in a marriage for the sake of the children can at times be even more destructive to thee family. We have seen couples  overcome this very emotionally charged experience by working things out and reconciling. We’ve seen the most abusive cases somehow overcome their lack of trust and reunite. Unfortunately, cheating is usually a deathblow to a relationship and when we evidence cheating we’re not pleased about it. Our job is to bring truth to the issue at hand while making sure we treat the victim of unfaithfulness gently and with a great amount of understanding and compassion.  Robert Mann, Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network.