When it comes to Infidelity Investigators you should know who to select.

Here are 2 things you have to look out for in good infidelity investigators:

1.  They know how not to be discovered by the person they’re tailing.

You don’t want your partner, who you suspect to be cheating, to discover that they are being followed. It jeopardizes your chances of finding out the truth and can create more tension in your already strained relationship. However, in order to increase their bottom line, many Private Investigative companies hire newcomers/wannabes willing to work for low wages with little to no field experience. Lack of experience means that nearly all newcomers are discovered by the person they are following. This is the last thing you want to happen! They won’t be able to do their job right yet the PI company will still charge you top dollar for an alleged “professional” infidelity investigator.

2. They are honest with you.

As in any other field, some Private Investigators are dishonest and just out for your money. They could care less about the outcome of your case and have no integrity. For example, they would never reveal that they were caught in the act of following your partner (it has happened before!). Instead of revealing the truth to you, they discontinue the surveillance and tell you that there was no activity worth reporting. Lies!

To prevent being scammed, make sure you ask for the credentials of the investigator you’re thinking of hiring. Check out their professional reputation and experience.

Worldwide Intelligence Network assigns the most highly regarded and respected field operatives with years and thousands of hours in surveillance operations experience. Each of our surveillance investigators are required to film mandatory “integrity video” of the location where they are stationed every hour on the hour to demonstrate that they are on the job and in the field doing what the client expects them to do. Integrity video is included in the video filmed while the investigator was in the field and it is submitted to the client at the conclusion of the assignment.

Our integrity is proven by our performance for over 22 years. But if you don’t believe us, you have the right to practice due diligence and ask for our credentials and references. We would be happy to oblige so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the right investigator for your delicate situation.