If your firm is involved in a complex legal case, whether that’s a high-asset divorce in which your client suspects their spouse of infidelity or illegal activities, or a high-profile fraud case, where you need more evidence to prove your client’s innocence, an experienced private investigator can give you litigation support and improve your chances of winning a case.

Learn More About Your Opponent

By having your complex legal matters investigated by the best rated Los Angeles and New York Private Investigators, you can ensure you gather all the information available to craft a solid case. 

Regardless of the type of case you are involved in, our surveillance investigations can help. We can observe your client or the other party, letting you know if they lie about their activities or otherwise break an agreement. 

Help With an Employment Law Case

If your client is involved in a workers’ compensation case or another case involving an employee, private investigators can help you gather information on the employee. Our team can scour the employee’s social media, carry out a surveillance investigation, and question their friends and family to learn if they are exaggerating or faking their injury or illness.

Without this information, building your case could be challenging since you may not have enough evidence to prove your case in court. However, with our investigation, you can provide social media posts or pictures of the employee doing activities they claim to be unable to perform, undermining their case and helping yours.

Create a Watertight Family Law Case

Family law is often challenging, with both partners claiming infidelity or other problems. Since it could be a “she says he says” situation, having a private investigator research your client and his or her soon-to-be-ex partner can shed light on the case, helping you create a more favorable divorce settlement for your client.

In high-asset divorces, one partner may hide certain assets, like out-of-state properties and off-shore accounts, to avoid including them in the divorce settlement or reduce the child support or alimony order. Instead of spending your time chasing leads, hiring a private investigator means you can focus on working with your client and preparing the documents.

If your client’s prenuptial agreement has language about infidelity, you can use the services of a private investigator to gather proof about an affair, helping your client to protect their assets. 

Find Witnesses

Sometimes, cases hang on the ability to find a critical witness. Whether your client needs a witness to prove they weren’t at the scene of a crime, or you need to find a witness who saw your client’s attackers, an investigator can track down the contact information and location of your witness, making it easier for you to prove your case in court.

Hire the Top Private Investigators for Litigation Support in the USA

For the past 29 years, Worldwide Intelligence Network has worked alongside some of America’s most extraordinary attorneys, assisting them to resolve highly complex litigated matters. Our team can investigate while you focus on creating a legal argument for your case.

We provide expert litigation support to law firms across the country, who work in a large range of legal areas. From family law matters to criminal defense to counterfeiting cases, our team can find the information you need to prepare a solid, airtight case.

Call us today at (310) 385- 8200 to arrange a free, confidential consultation and learn how our services can help you win your next case.

Call Worldwide Intelligence Network for a free, confidential consultation at (310) 385- 8200 and learn how their services help you win your next case.