A client’s merchandise failed to arrive at his customer’s factory after being driven there by one of his drivers. The client and his foreman checked their stock room to see if the merchandise was inadvertently left behind. It was not. The client replaced the missing merchandise for his customer. Weeks later the same thing happened but this time the client was certain it was not a mistake. One of his drivers was stealing. The client had five delivery trucks and five drivers.

Worldwide Intelligence Network was asked to conduct an investigation to ascertain who was stealing from the client. Worldwide Intelligence Network recommended surveillance be immediately initiated on all five drivers. Surveillance commenced . Each of the five surveillance investigators would be taking video at every location each driver stopped at. Surveillance video details every aspect of the driver’s route and with whom the driver met while on his route. After several days of surveillance one of the drivers made a stop at a 7/11 and began transferring some of the merchandize off his truck into a waiting van. The driver was arrested upon his return to the client’s warehouse and word quickly spread among the client’s employees that one of their co-workers was arrested. The client had immediately established a precedent that his company’s policy is very aggressive and proactive in countering theft. The police asked Worldwide Intelligence Network for the original video taken during the commission of the crime to be used as evidence in court. Case closed! There is a major crimes division within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that investigates and seeks prosecution against those who commit cargo theft.

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