These are the best tips for hiring executive protection when you’re in the big apple.

There has been a surge in violent crime since the pandemic hit. Shootings are up 72% in comparison to last year. Whether you’re living in the city or visiting from somewhere else, you’ll feel safer with protection.

By investing in a security detail, you’ll feel secure. If you’re interested in hiring corporate protection in New York, keep reading. Here are five tips.

1. Confirm Experience with Executive Protection

Experience is one of the top things you need to confirm. Call references, past supervisors, and co-workers to ensure verifiable skills. Who you hire could make a life or death difference for you.

2. Verify Licences and Permits

Licensed professionals are the only ones worth hiring in the industry. Security companies are legally required to remain licensed and insured. You can request to see the documents during the interview process.

3. Use Technology

When you have security detail outside of a building or residence, you can use technology, such as surveillance cameras to ensure your  agents appeared to be focused and are remaining on track. Surveillance cameras also allows you to monitor your property’s surroundings without assigning bodyguards unnecessarily elsewhere. An Executive Protection Agent should also be assigned to monitor the CCTV’s as well as the security alarm notifications place around your residence. Then, if and when a threat arises, your executive bodyguard can respond rapidly and efficiently to keep you safe.

4. Review Schedule and Needs

Before you hire anyone, you need to review your safety concerns, and focus on what security concerns you are most anxious about and be prepared to express them to you Executive Protection Agent. You can cross-reference your needs with their experience and skills to ensure you’re hiring the best. Remember to take into consideration any plans you may have to travel and discuss them with your Executive Protection Agent to make certain all security issues are understood and taken care of.

5. Run a Background Check

It is recommended prior to employing an Executive Protection Agent you first hire a Private  Investigation company to conduct your own independent background check on any Executive Protection Agent you are considering hiring.

Who Should Hire One

When considering employing an Executive Protection Agent, take into account your security concerns, those of your executives and most important of all your family’s concerns. Controversial individuals in the public eye, celebrities, politicians, high net-worth individuals and anyone who has be personally threatened by a credible adversary or a thug.

Other individuals who would benefit from having Executive Protection include individuals who transport expensive items such as jewelry or Bearer Bonds.

Types of Executive Protection

Corporate protection isn’t one size fits all. There are different security personnel, depending on your needs. The types of executive protection are listed below:

  • General
  • International
  • Maritime
  • Monetary
  • Home

It’s necessary to take precautions that ensure your safety. With proper planning, you’ll know how to conduct pre-employment screenings and background checks. Hiring our company for corporate protection for you and your VIPs will most assuredly have you feel most secure.

Travel Freely and Securely

You can use what you read today to travel more freely. These five tips for hiring executive protection will keep you secure in New York. With our help, you’ll hire an expert who has met Personal Protection security requirements and has the credentials to back them up.

Our professional bodyguards and private investigators will keep you safe. You can contact us today for a free consultation! All inquiries are confidential.