When looking to hire a private investigator, you may be in a charged, emotional state. Resist the urge to hire the first firm you come across in the business listings because you don’t want your case handled by the wrong party. Be selective, take notes to study.

Private investigators look into threats, conduct background checks and infidelity investigations. Your finances, reputation, relationship, and even physical wellbeing can be affected by the outcome. Choosing a highly-capable professional private investigator ensures your case is in the right hands.

What Kind of Questions Should You Ask?

Never hire a private investigator without speaking to them first. Knowing what questions to ask and qualifications to look for can help you find a competent investigator you can trust with your case.

  • Are they licensed?

    Make sure the private investigator you hire is licensed. Licensing requirements include a college degree in some states, paid experience working as an investigator for a state or private investigative agency, or a combination of the two. Applicants must also pass a criminal history review. In most states, a license helps identify trustworthy investigators from unreputable ones.

  • Do they have references?

    Does the private investigator have references from past clients who can vouch for the PI’s competence and professionalism? An unwillingness to provide references may signal inexperience or a lackluster track record.

  • What kind of report should you expect?

    Private investigators provide their clients with a confidential report of their investigation. You want to ensure you receive the evidence you need for your particular case. Will your investigator take pictures or video to document infidelity or other crimes? Is the evidence collected admissible in court if you are heading to trial?

    Before hiring your investigator, discuss how they will collect and share their work reports.

  • What kind of experience does the private investigator have?

    You want to make sure the investigator you hire is qualified to handle your case. Look to see if they have a website that lists their experience or if they are affiliated with any professional organizations.

    Ask your potential investigator how many cases they’ve handled in the last year that are similar to yours. You want to hire someone who specializes in the type of investigation you need and who understands your situation.


Things You Should Look For

Your observations are equally as important as the questions you ask. The private investigator should demonstrate that they are interested in your case. Are they asking questions pertinent to your case, or do they seem preoccupied with their fees and obtaining a payment method?

Do their questions demonstrate their knowledge and skills, or are they asking things that a seasoned professional should already know?

Look for signs that the investigator is taking your input into account. Investigative requests can be sensitive issues and experienced private investigators will consider your feelings and act with compassion.


Follow Your Intuition

Trust your instincts if you think your partner is cheating. Infidelity is a common reason clients seek to hire an investigator. Suspecting your significant other is cheating can be an unbearable burden, but a professional investigator experienced with infidelity investigations can help. Consider hiring investigators at Worldwide Intelligence Network.

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