Just before the Memorial Day Holiday this year we received a phone call from a gentleman in Florida who told us that his twenty one year old son who is attending college in Santa Monica suddenly went missing. He and his son communicated everyday either by phone or text messages. Of course our concerns were; was his son abducted, kidnapped, perhaps even murdered. The father said he had not heard from his son for three days. The father was beside himself with worry, understandably.

We were retained to try and locate his son and the father was very well informed about his son’s cell calls, his classes in college, the balance in his bank account and the balance of his small credit card balance. All of these documents were sent to us by the client. The father of the young man told us that he also had his son’s bills for his gasoline credit card. We reviewed those charges and noticed that until the week he went missing he had driven to the same gas station he always used which tended to dispel the horrible thought that he was abducted and or murdered at least not so up and until the last day he bought gas at the same gas station.

A Private Investigator is only as good as the sources he/she has cultivated over the years and his/her knowledge of the technology available when performing various investigations. One particular source was contacted by us who has a unique technology tool that assists in possibly locating a person anywhere on earth. Sorry we cannot disclose the tool or the method as that is proprietary technology known only to a few.

Within 24 hours we developed a location on the missing young man in San Diego, California and in less than 24 hours we had his location surrounded by off duty police detectives who confirmed to us that our intelligence gathering on the young man’s location was accurate.

Two hours after departing Los Angeles we joined our detectives in a surveillance of a motel where the missing young man’s car was observed and we also acquired his room number (not an easy task). When the young man emerged from his room we approached him very cooperatively announcing who we were and that his father retained us to locate him. We asked if he would be willing to talk to us and explain why he ran away and tried to appear to be missing. Yes, he was willing to talk to us and did so for several hours. We put him In touch with his frantic parents and his sister who were delighted to know he was alive and well. Since he is an adult there was nothing we could do to force him to return home to Santa Monica or to his parent’s home in Florida. Everything we were going to do from this point forward would have to meet with his approval. What did he insist upon? He wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo the following day. So we asked if we could accompany him to make sure he wouldn’t take off again and go missing. We also asked him if we could have his car keys and his hide a key which he willingly gave to us.

The following day we were off to the Zoo and he became more and more relaxed throughout the day and evening. His reason for going missing had to with his failing his classes in college and he was incredibly ashamed of his failures. We are pleased to report that he’s back home in Florida with his parents and his entire family is in therapy working out their problems. Great ending for the family, the young man and us.