One of the most fulfilling and utterly devoted occupations in the world is that of a Bodyguard also known as an Personal Protection Specialist. A professional Body Guard’s job is to assume the  awesome responsibility of protecting someone’s life. A Personal Protection Specialist makes certain that all possible contingencies are investigated in advance so their client’s passage is safe and secure from possible threats. Many lay persons believe that a tall heavyset foreboding appearing man is enough to scare off a possible perpetrator, Unfortunately, that’s not realistic in the world we live in.

A bullet brings down Mr. Big as does a explosive bomb vest and a thrown dagger. What keeps a client safe is intelligence gathering, advance planning and in-depth knowledge of the geographical location the client will be traveling in.

A Personal Protection Specialists’ first order of business is to become familiar with the local emergency hospitals and the best routes to those emergency facilities. Quite often local Police Officers are asked to join one of our protective details in foreign countries where their expertise is required.  With a high profile client who has been threatened with violence searching all vehicles in and around the client is crucial to make certain there are no explosives hidden under the vehicles.

Ask yourself one pertinent question when thinking about going into a career as a Body Guard. “Are you willing to jump in front of your client to take a bullet?’ If you replied affirmative then ask yourself another question; “Do you have a death wish?’ Personal Protection Specialists don’t rationalize about taking a bullet for their clients, they focus on a chronological list of all the obstacles they need to avoid. Each client assignment is different and evaluated upon the risk associated with the client. For example, a dignitary or high profile political figure is more likely to be under imminent threat of physical violence than a Rock Star. Unless the Rock Star received verbal or written threats to his/her personal safety they do not generally undergo the long list of precautions used for a political figure.  Regardless, what kind of client a Personal Protection Specialist is assigned to, an in-depth one on one discussion is mandatory between the Body Guard and the client to conduct a professional Risk Assessment.  Protecting people or property is a huge responsibility and Worldwide Intelligence Network (wincor) believe we have the finest Personal Protection Specialists in America and around the world, many of whom are former Government Protection Agents and Detectives who have worked on Official Protection Details.