The Need for a Private Investigator

At Worldwide Intelligence Network we  received a call from a very concerned mother about her daughter who was a young adult. The mother explained that her daughter had been receiving very graphic, violent and disturbing text messages and emails from an anonymous person. The daughter lived with her significant other (a female) and they both appeared terrified by the verbiage in the texts and emails. They knew and understood the need for a private investigator for the situation. They were so scared that that they eventually resigned from their soccer ball team and never returned to the practice field which was something they enjoyed doing each week. That was one of the few enjoyments they shared after work. The reason they discontinued going to play soccer was due to the text messages actually providing glues that one of their teammates was the one sending the messages .

Private Investigator Recap

Our take on this private investigation was that the clues were simply too obvious and we thought we should look elsewhere other than one of the teammates. We then learned after asking to see the text messages and emails on the victims’ cell phone that the victim’s text messages and emails suspiciously disappeared from her cell phone without her deleting them. It was at this time the private investigator knew it had to be someone very close to the victim who was deleting the messages. The one person who would have constant access to the victim’s phone was her significant other. With the significant other’s permission we interviewed her and during the interview she revealed certain aspects of her life which included a Court Ordered Retraining Order and a host of other women she lived with prior to the victim. After conducting a Superior Court record search and finding the Court Ordered Restraining Order we, along with the private investigator, then set out to find the person who filed that Restraining Order which was successful. After interviewing that victim, we began see a frightening parallel between the actions of the significant other and the victim she terrorized while living with her. The actions of the significant other were identical to those both victims. All of our evidence lead us to the significant other as the perpetrator who was clearly mentally disturbed. When given all the evidence we gathered and our client’s daughter packed up all of her belongings and immediately severed all ties to her significant other. This was a case that was very difficult to handle because the victim was in love with her significant other and she had a very difficult time trying to understand how a person who professes to loving you can be so hateful and vicious. This is far from a typical stalker investigation but it is one that should be told for the benefit of others who might be experiencing a like scenario. Investigated by Robert Mann and Desi Riley Senior Investigators.