The CEO of a large company was advised that an anonymous whistle blower emailed his HR department saying that one of the company’s employees is selling illicit drugs to other employees. Although there are close circuit cameras installed throughout the facility it appears that the drug dealing is carried on out of view of the cameras. Worldwide Intelligence Network was called in to formulate an investigative strategy. It was decided that an undercover investigator would be hired to work in the company. Most of the employees are Hispanic and therefore the undercover investigator assigned was Hispanic. Undercover investigations can be quite dangerous if they are conducted by inexperienced investigators. Knowing how to blend in and be accepted by the other employees, takes training, patience and intelligence. The drug dealer cannot under any circumstance suspect he might be an under investigation. Illicit drugs consumed by employees while at work can cause serious if not fatal work place accidents and it can also stimulate physical altercations among the employees and insubordination. Please read “Substance Abuse Prevention in the Workplace An Employer’s Guide” we believe you will find it very informative.

Within two pay periods the undercover investigator witnessed the sale of illicit drugs being sold to two employees. The undercover investigator used a covert camera in the shape of a key ring to film the transaction. Worldwide Intelligence Network suggested that the drug dealer be shown the covert surveillance video of him selling drugs to the company’s employees. The dealer was given an option that the police would not be called if the employee agreed to voluntarily resign from his job and not come within 100 yards of the business ever again. Those employees who bought the drugs were identified and terminated. The drug dealer was fortunate to be given a choice rather than face arrest which he accepted willingly.