Statistics show that inadequate and inefficient corporate security measures cost American companies billions of dollars every year, and security breaches have been detected in approximately 85% of companies and government agencies (a number that accounts for only those that have been reported). Failure to protect against threats and resolve crises negatively impacts a company’s performance and can even shorten its lifespan.


Worldwide Intelligence Network has been rated as being in the Top Five of the Best Corporate Investigation Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications.

An effective corporate security program protects a company from internal and external threats affecting its ability to function as a business entity, primarily by becoming an integral part of your company culture. Worldwide Intelligence Network does this by identifying, anticipating, preventing and resolving threats efficiently, without interrupting the daily activities of the company or negatively impacting its bottom line. Our elite team consists of former intelligence, military, and law enforcement officers who have extensive experience in providing corporate security in the public and private realm. Some are IT Cyber Specialists, security network designers, and software engineers.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

1. We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach to corporate security because every company is unique. For this reason, a comprehensive assessment is initially performed to devise a security program that is the most effective and efficient, as indicated by specifics regarding location, size, employees, objectives and other key factors. In providing corporate security to privately owned and multinational corporations around the world for over 23 years, we have also found that any program should be scalable so that it adapts easily and fluidly to growth and expansion. It will not hold your company back. Rather, it will do the opposite and foster advancement because your operations will be secure and protected, thereby reducing losses caused by threats and crises.

Corporate Security To Protect Your Livelihood

Corporate security vulnerability comes in all shapes and sizes. There are cybersecurity breaches, physical security breaches, corporate espionage, and counterfeiting. All target fortune 500 companies every hour of every day in America, causing CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s many sleepless nights. An online search will provide you with approximate quotes of how many billions of dollars are lost due to a lack of professional security oversight.

Readers might be enlightened as to the magnitude of those losses, however, you are probably not interested in that. Rather, you want to know how to prevent the security of your company from being severely compromised, so that your stockholders won’t become alarmed and commence an exodus to abandon ship.

The more profitable your company is, the more prone it is to being compromised. There are many alleged experts in the various fields of countering corporate security breaches, but while they might be doing well in their one area of expertise, there could be another attack being readied and working its way into your company undetected.

Are all these security breaches manageable at the same time? Of course, they are providing your company understands that they are vulnerable to an assortment of security breaches and/or cyber attacks. The key to preventing these various security breaches is to have a small but select team of highly qualified experts in all the various security protocols of which your company could become a victim. It is a daunting task to locate one person or company who has the experience to assemble a cohesive team of experts to verify that the security protocols you have in place are adequate, and make recommendations on additional protocols.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is the company with the experience and know-how to organize that team of experts. When security is a concern, companies are expected to deal with these situations professionally, responsibly, decisively and swiftly, no matter what security controls they were able to afford or implement beforehand. Being the victim of a security breach has, rightfully or not, the latent stench of incompetence to it, so any attempt to limit the damage to the organization’s brand will be an uphill battle from the start. The effectiveness of the incident response plan is dependent on how well it is aligned with the corporate reality and the skill level of the personnel expected to carry it out. Blindly applying an incident response template that does not fit the environment could in the worst case cause confusion and hamper response processes. To ensure your plan will work as expected when you actually need it the organization should schedule regular test runs.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is prepared to assist your company in supervising the selection process of professionals for your corporate officers to meet with and to hear their recommendations on how your company can counter any number of security breaches. Worldwide Intelligence Network has a global network with the resources to assemble the caliber of experts required to perform this service.