Worldwide Intelligence Network has not been asleep at the wheel while American companies have been infiltrated by Chinese and Eastern European hackers.

Los Angeles and New York based, Worldwide Intelligence Network, has consistently maintained a strict discipline in countering security breaches being launched internationally to compromise the security of American Corporations.

All too often Corporations become complacent with regard to evaluating and updating their networks and protocols to combat the possibility of security breaches designed to invade their company and that is exactly what the perpetrators look for. In almost all instances of a security breach there has been one Corporate Security Director with a vast knowledge of one particular area of security but unfortunately insufficient knowledge of all the other security breaches that could be perpetrated against his company. Worldwide Intelligence Network has consistently maintained a philosophy that when in battle it is best to know the “entire” arsenal of the enemy and in this instance they are; an adversarial competitor or a terrorist regime determined to undermine the security of your company and the United States.

Robert Mann is the founder and Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network which is a global investigation, risk management, and personal protection company. Mr. Mann states Security breaches have been detected in approximately 85% of companies and government agencies. According to the FBI, the pending caseload for economic espionage losses to the American economy totaled more than $13 billion. The number of arrests the FBI has made associated with economic espionage has doubled in the past few years, and convictions have risen eight-fold. As a result of inadequate corporate security, companies are losing billions of dollars every year. Robert Mann believes Worldwide Intelligence Network can help effectively diminish the enormity of those losses.

Preventing a breach of Corporate Security is comparable to looking at how many ways can a burglar break into a safe. To professionally evaluate the possibility of a security breach, Mann put together a cohesive team of experts in multiple disciplines of corporate security to analyze the vulnerabilities that could affect the security of a company. These experts are not in the business of selling security devices or protocols because in doing so would be biased. They merely report on vulnerabilities and if appropriate, they will introduce innovative security options that can prevent attacks on your company’s security.

Worldwide Intelligence Network Corporate Security team is an elite group of Security Professionals comprised of former members of the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, DOJ and many other Law Enforcement Agencies. Robert Mann has appeared in the media as an expert in investigations and security and has been featured on national television, radio, and magazines.