Learn how to confirm infidelity in your relationship


Robert Mann, Author Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network A Full Service Private Investigation & Bodyguard Services Company

You have an uncomfortable feeling that your life’s partner is unfaithful to you and that they are cheating. You made up your mind to confront your partner and asked if they are unfaithful.

Your partner replied, “are you delusional?”

You expected a denial but not such a harsh response. That answer moves you closer to contemplating severing the relationship knowing it will break your heart not to mention how afraid you are of being alone again.

Every fiber in your body is telling you that you cannot remain in a relationship when there is no longer trust.

You question, which is worse, having no trust or being alone?  

It is time for you to learn whether your intuition is correct and if your partner is not the person you thought they were or is their alternative attitude attributable to something else that is disturbing them. Confirm infidelity within your relationship now so that you can gain peace of mind.


You owe it to yourself not to bury your head in the sand pretending you are in a perfect relationship. The emotional turmoil you are experiencing is affecting your relationship with your children, your health, your career and your appetite.

You can no longer enjoy your downtime because the thought of the person you love cheating on you has taken over your life and that has to come to an end. Let us help you confirm infidelity so that you can get back to what matters.

how to confirm infidelity


You may have watched a TV show about catching cheaters and seeing the jilted partner go ballistic after finding their lover with someone else. In real life, there is no need for hysterics.

Your safest option is to retain the services of a highly regarded private investigator who has excellent references and testimonials from their clients.

It is also advisable to check if they have a Better Business Bureau rating.

Upon making your selection of a good infidelity private investigator, you should compare their fees and experience. Almost all investigators charge an hourly fee plus mileage.

Be wary of any investigator who quotes a flat fee because they may not devote all the surveillance hours that are necessary.

The infidelity private detective you select should present you with a written retainer agreement that describes the services you requested, naming your partner, the surveillance dates and the hours dedicated to the surveillance.

A qualified infidelity private investigator should ask you for:

  • A recent photo of your partner
  • The make, model, color and license plate of your partner’s car
  • The address where your partner lives (if not with you)
  • The name and address where your partner work’s
  • The hours he/she works, start time and end time
  • Whether your partner follows a regimental routine such as going to a gym or on a run
  • The name of any person he/she may be involved with
  • The address of the individual, your partner, might be seeing
  • The hours your partner leaves and usually returns home

Ask the private investigator if they have a covert camera for videotaping activities inside of a restaurant, hotel, nightclub or bar. The investigator should voluntarily tell you that they will take “integrity video” every hour on the hour to establish their location as evidence to the fact that they are indeed working the hours you retained them for and the video will show their location which should correspond with their written report.

Without integrity video, you will not know if the investigator put in the hours you paid for.



Only a very experienced private investigator should be selected to conduct infidelity surveillance on your behalf because knowing how to conduct an infidelity surveillance takes years of on the job experience.

Surveillance should only start very early in the morning while your partner is still at home and has not yet departed their residence. The investigator will take up a strategic surveillance position near your partner’s home long before your partner leaves. The video will commence upon your partner’s departure from home. Video will be filmed of everything your partner did and of everyone your partner met throughout the day and evening.


Be forthright with your investigator, do not be afraid to tell them how and why you came to suspect they are being unfaithful. Your investigator should assure you and also memorialize it in writing, that everything you say to them will be kept confidential. Share any information you may have in your possession such as unfamiliar telephone numbers found in your partner’s devices along with any suspicious emails, text messages and provocative photos.

Check if your partner is using Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to communicate with persons unknown to you. Any information in those areas could be very valuable to help your investigator familiarize themselves with people your partner might be meeting.

It is important to tell your investigator where your partner usually goes to on the day’s they will be followed, such as a doctor’s appointment, a gym, a park a movie and etcetera.

In summary, almost all persons subjected to infidelity will state “that not knowing is worse than knowing.”