How to Choose the Right Private Investigation and Protection Company

Choosing skilled Private Investigations and Bodyguard services might be one of the most important decisions you ever make. If you are an attorney seeking investigative assistance, a victim of fraud or infidelity, or if you or your family are in personal danger, you need professional, capable, and expedient service. 

Discover how to choose the right Private Investigator Bodyguard for yourself, a client, an employee, or a family member, including what qualifications to look for and what questions to consider. 


Hiring a Private Investigator

When choosing an private investigations company, consider the type of investigation you need. Whether you need to find a lost love, investigate infidelity, locate a witness, or determine the threat of a deranged stalker, finding a professional, discreet, and effective service is essential. 

Your investigator may discover potentially life-altering information, so it is crucial to have highly skilled, professional private investigators working on your case. When choosing a private investigation agencies, consider the following factors to ensure high-quality service:


Verify that your investigator holds an up-to-date license or certification to operate in your state. For example, private investigators must have a state-issued license to practice in California and New York. California requires investigators to obtain certified experience hours or a relevant degree and pass a background check and exam. 

To obtain a license in New York, a candidate must pass the private investigator’s exam and have three years of investigative experience. 


Check the company’s insurance and bonding to ensure they have appropriate coverage to practice. In the State of New York, a Private Investigator must have a $10,000 bond, $100,000 per individual, and a minimum of $300,000 of insurance to cover libel, slander, violation of property, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. 


Talk to potential investigators about their past cases and assess whether their experience aligns with your investigative needs.  


Ask for references for an investigator and read reviews and testimonials from former clients. Authentic testimonials give you a window into the conduct and results of a private investigator.

You can also read industry publications with rankings of top firms. For instance, Expertise ranked Worldwide Intelligence Network as the best Private Investigator firm in New York and Los Angeles.

Understand the report 

Have the private investigative agency explain what technique they will use in your investigation. Will they take video, audio, or photographs? This approach can help you know the expected results for your case. 


Choosing the exemplary Bodyguard service

Choosing a professional Bodyguard service is essential for any individual or business owner. Remember, it is your security and that of your family. You must trust the agency and understand what capacity, experience, and competence they have. Consider some of the following concerns: 

Understand your security needs 

When choosing a professional protection service, they should assess your protection needs and potential threat level for your safety. For instance, if an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is harassing a family member, you may only require one Bodyguard for that person. If your client needs Bodyguard services for an event, you will likely require several Bodyguards.  

Licensing and accreditation

Security personnel like Bodyguards need adequate training and a license to ensure they can act in your defense, when necessary, with whatever tools/weapons are legally allowed. Most states only require a security guard license to become a Bodyguard. 

These licenses are issued by the state and require extensive background checks. If you need armed security, the individual and company may be subject to further licensing and restrictions depending on the size and type of firearm and the state or city where the Bodyguard operates. 

Training and experience

Many Bodyguards have had extensive training in a Bodyguard Academy or the Military and Law Enforcement Academies. When choosing protection services from a company, assess the type of Personal Protection Experience Bodyguard Candidates have had and their work history. Whenever possible, opt for a Bodyguard who holds first-aid certification, defensive driving training, and is licensed to carry a firearm. 

Check to know if the Bodyguard you might hire has undergone a government or private security company training course or worked in the Diplomatic Security Service, Law Enforcement, the Secret Service, or had specialized training in the military. 

Worldwide Intelligence Network represents many Bodyguard candidates with experience in the Secret Service and Diplomatic Security Services, as well as serving politicians, CEOs, and numerous celebrities. 


Choose Worldwide Intelligence Network

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