According to Verizon, C-level executives are 12 times more likely to be the target of social incidents.

Whether you fall under that demographic, are a celebrity, or are another type of high-profile individual, you may feel you need protection when you’re out in public.

For this purpose, you should utilize executive protection services, which will safeguard you from anything unsavory.

Here are some reasons why you need a professional bodyguard in NYC.

They’re Trained to Defend You Without Hesitation

Personal bodyguards from Worldwide Intelligence Network are professionals with extensive backgrounds. Many are off-duty or retired police officers and detectives, and others are former Dignitary Protection Agents and served with the Secret Service and the United States Department of State.

This means that these vetted individuals have lightning-fast reactions and are used to high-pressure scenarios. Close protection security will keep their cool and do what it takes to keep you safe, without hesitation.

They Can Screen Your Mail and Venues for You

Whether you’re receiving mail from fans or corporate enemies, your personal bodyguard will screen every piece for you and get background information on senders of anything negative.

They can also check your agenda and screen the properties and venues you’re going to and ensure everything’s safe and nothing out of place. This includes any vehicles you may be getting into.

Get to Your Destinations Safely and Quickly

Your time is valuable; you shouldn’t be stuck in heavy NYC congestion.

In addition to our bodyguard services, we offer traffic surveys should you wish to divulge where you’re going. We’ll find you the quickest and safest routes to take; yes, this even means a secure way to get away from invasive paparazzi.

Not just that, but we also advise our clients against possible volatile or adverse situations. And in case of emergencies, our bodyguards always know the quickest ways to get in and out of an establishment and to the hospital. You can count on them to not only diffuse the situation quickly, but also to extract you swiftly.

Get a Shadow While Maintaining Your Personal Space

You may feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone following you around closely at all times. For this reason, we offer security detail that can melt into the background, yet still be close enough to keep you safe at all times. That way, you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

You’ll Get Estate Security as Well

In addition to having a personal bodyguard, you’ll also get estate security around the clock. We offer both electronic and digital security to ensure protection for not just yourself, but also your family and property.

Hire a Professional Bodyguard for Maximum Safety

As you can see, a personal bodyguard can provide you with both protection and peace of mind. You’ll be shielded from any harmful individuals or packages, which can be a huge relief for a high-profile person.

So travel around NYC without fear of an overzealous fan or paparazzi overstepping your boundaries. Let personal protection specialists be your shield against the world.

Are you ready to get yourself the best protection possible in NYC? Then get in touch with us now. We even offer free consultations.