There is a new and very ugly scam being perpetrated upon hundreds if not thousands of Americans across the country by low life’s seeking to steal hard earned money and savings from uninformed individuals who are randomly selected by the scammer thieves.

These thieves will call and identify themselves as a creditor who is owed money. They will tell their victims that a police report has been filed for failure to pay their debt and a subpoena will be served upon them in a matter of minutes if they don’t issue payment within 24 hours. The calls will be consistent coming in at all hours of the night and day in the victim’s home and workplace. They will use very threatening language and attempt to intimidate the victim. The alleged creditor will instruct the victim to pay them via a prepaid debit card on by a money gram. The intensity of the scammer’s calls is unrelenting and extremely stressful and that is their strategy.

Once they feel that their victim is terrified and that the victim hasn’t a clue about how credit and collections are actually governed by State and Federal laws they usually will prevail until the victim demands proof of the debt from the alleged creditor or constantly hangs up their phone the moment they hear the scammers voice. For those victims who receive calls at their work place and at home need to file a police report.

Once the police report is filed, victims should call their cell phone provider to find out how they can block the scammers call and they should also call their landline provider for their home and work telephone numbers and explain what is happening and request a trap line be put in place to capture where the calls are coming from.

In almost all instances the scammers use prepaid cell phones that are not traceable but occasionally they slip up and use a landline that can be traced. In order for the trap line to work, the victim will be required to keep a log each and every call they receive with the date and time by their landline provider such as AT&T. The victim will be asked to present their calls received log to the police and their phone provider.

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