Did you know that Kylie Jenner spends $400,000 per week on her personal security?

Not so long ago, a fan found himself in the headlines after throwing a chair through one of Rihanna’s windows of her home, he was insistent that he was her husband and admitted that it was not the first time that he had been inside her property.

With stories like this, detailing close calls when it comes to celebrity security, protecting celebrities is serious business. Here’s an insider look at celebrity security that will make you see stars & their bodyguards in a whole new light.

  1. Social Media Is Dangerous
    Social media has made celebrity bodyguards’ jobs much harder. With social media platforms, fans seem to get the idea that they’re having a direct conversation with their favorite star which can lead to a skewed perception that there is an actual relationship.Social media blurs the lines between what is real and what is not, encouraging crazies to tap into location-based social media posts and thus becoming an actual physical threat.
  2. Bigger Is Not Better
    When one thinks of a bodyguard, we tend to have visions of buff, muscled, large-shouldered men who have intimidating heights towering over their celebrity clients. But alas, bigger is not always better.There’s a lot more to protecting a celebrity than having big muscles. Smarts go a long way when assessing potential threats so brawn won’t get you all the way.
  3. It’s Not Glamorous
    You may think that bodyguards live a luxurious life because they’re always where the celebrities are. But this is not the truth.Celebrity security details may live in the home of a star, or get to attend high-level events, but they’re there to do a job and don’t get to enjoy the five-star perks that come with the places they’re in.
  4. Bodyguards Create Efficiency
    The right bodyguards know that their job is to scope out venues beforehand, so they’re in the know with directions, routes and back entrances.Knowing these things in advance can help celebrities get through busier days more efficiently.
  5. There’s Little Concept Of Time
    A celebrity bodyguard works in a world that has little to no concept of time. A trip halfway across the world can come at a moment’s notice, making it hard for a bodyguard to maintain a normal life at home.You have to be prepared to drop everything at the snap of fingers.
  6. Some Celebrities Are Downright Insane
    In the nicest way possible, you get some celebrities that are genuine people and mostly reasonable. However, you do get some clients that are downright insane with the way they treat the staff around them.You may be doing one thing right one day, and the very next day it’s not appropriate. A celebrity bodyguard is always kept on his toes.
  7. Blurred Lines Of Responsibility
    The thing about being in a celebrity’s daily life is that the lines can get blurred as to what you’re there to do. If your job isn’t outlined in black and white before you get started, a bodyguard can find himself carrying suitcases, walking dogs, or even picking up children from school.A member of a celebrity security detail needs to know exactly what his job description is.

Celebrity Security: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

While the life of celebrity security personnel may seem like an attractive one, it does come with a certain amount of stress and pressure.
A bodyguard needs to be on his toes at all times, be aware, and most of all, be prepared for anything to happen.

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