I have 27 years experience as a Los Angeles Private Investigator and a New York Private Investigator. Our profession is also referred to as private detectives. During those 27 years  I learned a great deal, trained others and I successfully solved thousands of investigation assignments. What follows is sharing my experience over the past 27 years with you the reader.



Author, Robert Mann, Director of  Worldwide Intelligence Network

1. Hiring a private detective is a daunting job because there are so many to choose from in each city.

2. We know that people interested in hiring a private investigator  have a daunting challenge ahead of them to find the right one.

3. Private investigation is the most challenging work I have ever experienced.

4. When anyone sets out to hire private detective services, they rely on that detective to come through for them by accomplishing their goal

5. When someone decides to hire one of our private detectives for an undercover investigation we are determined to learn as much as possible about how their business functions so we appear to fit in without arousing suspicion.

6. When conducting a counterfeit investigation we are often required to learn about the technology and engineering that went into producing the client’s product for us to know how to identify whether the goods we uncovered is in fact counterfeit.

7. Thousands of people around the world hire private investigators every day of the year for one thing or another.

8. Many people calling for the services of a Private Detective the very first time do not know how to properly explain their issue and they should be guided through the process by the private detective as to how to explain their concerns adequately.

9. More often than not, when I’m speaking with a potential client interested in hiring me as their private detective I sometimes find myself getting caught up emotionally in their misfortune or tragedy. Should I decide to accept their assignment, then i commit to doing all I can to find a path that will help that client.

10. People who are interested in hiring me as their private detective are usually emotionally upset. The key to client satisfaction in my opinion after all these years is very simple. When a client expresses how grateful they are for the investigative work we did and also how proud they are for having chose us rather than the other private detectives they spoke to. Last but certainly not least is their appreciation of how we performed to their expectations and that we came through to provide them with the information they sought.

11. There are so many things a private detective learns with each new assignment. The first thing a private detective learns is when accepting an investigative assignment from a client it is a serious commitment and responsibility. That client is relying upon their private detective to achieve the goal of their investigative assignment.

12. With every new client, we learn something new. Each investigation we accept is a fresh challenge to us because their is no cookie cutter approach to investigations. Each one is unique, important and must always be taken seriously.

13. Instinct is a vital attribute for a private detective to have along with having years of experience. Clients should ask the private detective who they are thinking of  hiring  about their experience to make certain the private detective has the experience to handle their investigative assignment.

14. The private detective should never tell a prospective client they can and will accomplish what the client asked for when it is impossible to know how a case will turn out. There is no exact science to private investigations. As an example, what makes an exceptional police detective stand out among his peers is years of working cases, learning new things every day and not forgetting what was learned.

15. To be a great private detective, you have to love what you do;  treat your clients with respect and understanding.

16. You can never promise results, and you should always make yourself available to your client.

17. Responding within the shortest period of time is crucial for a client because the client is emotionally invested in their case and is usually on pins and needles wanting to know how their investigation is going. Clients should expect updates when hiring a private detective.

18. Above all else, not matter how the case is going, whether it’s going well or not, the private detective must never mislead or lie to a client.

19. The private detective relies a great deal upon confidential resources. The more sources they have the more likely certain investigative outcomes will turn out for the better. Sources are contacted when customary intelligence gathering is not an option. It is imperative to know a source well and to be able to rely on their information.

20. A professional private detective never reveals his confidential source to a client or anyone else.

21. It is imperative to have top notch field operatives who are trustworthy and skilled at what they do. Usually field operatives conduct surveillance investigations  which is a very challenging and difficult task.

22. Private detectives who conduct surveillance investigations come in all shapes and sizes but what matters most is how good they are at their job. A client seeking to hire a private detective should ask about the private detective’s surveillance experience.

23. I recall speaking to a former FBI agent who told me that they once were following a suspect with five agents in five vehicles and a helicopter. They were in heavy rush hour traffic and as incredible as this  may sound, that suspect evaded the entire surveillance team and got away.

24. Nowadays we watch police chases nearly every day on TV with dozens of police and highway patrol cars following a suspect along with TV, and Police helicopters above. It is amazing when we watch a suspect get away in spite of all those law enforcement officers chasing them. So you can imagine how difficult it is for one private detective to conduct surveillance.

25. When looking to hire a surveillance private detective, imagine what that private detective has to contend with when following a subject going through alleys, on freeways and highways in and out of traffic jams. It is a tough job that takes years to master.

26. When a subject stops driving and goes into a tall office building or into a cocktail lounge the surveillance investigator doesn’t just sit in his car, he gets out to see where the subject went and what the subject is doing whenever possible.

27. If you want to know how difficult it is to follow someone, park in a supermarket, select one person getting into their car and make them your subject. Begin following them. See how long you can stay with them until they become suspicious and try to lose you.